Frequently Asked Questions

How many Guest Rooms are in the hotel?

The Laszlo Hotel has 51 guest rooms.

What are Check-in / Check-out times?

Guest check-in is 3pm and Guest check-out is 11am

What do I need to check-in?

All guests will need a credit card and valid photo ID

What is your Cancellation Policy?

Guests must cancel by 3pm, 48 hours PRIOR to arrival, in order to avoid a cancellation fee of one night’s room rate + tax.

Does the Laszlo Hotel allow smoking?

The Laszlo Hotel is a non-smoking property.

Are pets allowed?

The Laszlo Hotel is a dog-friendly property. You may have up to two dogs per guest room. A one-time fee of $75 per dog will be charged to your room upon check-in.

Where do I park?

The Laszlo Hotel offers free parking for hotel guests.